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"Rise defiant. The Gods of the Vigil have blessed you."

Sanctified is a light-RP Defiant guild on the European RP-PVE server Argent. We are a mature casual English speaking guild with focus on mostly PvE but we will also do some PvP. The members of Sanctified are adventurers who like to group together and fight the invasions and rifts in Telara as well as PvE instances, Warfronts and regional PvP.
With light-RP we mean that we use RP in some part of the game. One rule we have is too always talk in character in the /say channel. In the /party and /raid channels on the other hand we do not talk i character.

One thing Sanctified players think is important is too lend each other a helping hand. We work together for the best of the guild and our members and we gladly help each other out when we can. All for the goal to aid our fellow mates.

Top 5 reasons to join Sanctified

  • Sanctified is a mature, friendly and casual guild.
  • We help each other out with quests and profession lvling. Just ask for help in the forum.
  • Raids and guild groups for instances, invasions and Warfronts occur as often as members want
  • Both PvE and PvP will take place but our main focus is PvE.
  • Casual roleplaying is an option. We always talk in character in the /say channel. Character backstories can be posted in the forum.
As a casual guild we know real life comes first so we won't push you to play more or different then you would like too. If you want to perticipate in every scheudled event or just try it out once it's both fine. As long as you play as you want we are all happy to have you among us.

If you feel like you would like to join Sanctified in the battle against the invasions and the Guardians please feel free to read our rules and fill out an application.

Guild News

Members can now turn in Guild Quests

nyqaRift, Mar 13, 11 7:56 AM.
Members of the guild can now turn in Guild Quests.

Feel free to give us your opinion in game on wich Guild Quest you would like to see us sign up for next.

Sanctified website launched!

nyqaRift, Mar 3, 11 3:05 PM.
Our online home outside Telara is now set! :)

This website is still under construction but if you want to join us you can still read our rules and filling out an application.
Recruitment are: Open
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